Belgian innovation in design

KAROOZ is a surprising new concept in floor and wall coverings, invented by the young Belgian designer, Emma Wardenier. The idea is both simple and clever: connecting pieces of solid wood with rubber joints, thereby creating wood mosaics. A new material that reflects luxury and comfort, adds a touch of poetry to your home and is also remarkably user-friendly.


Made in Belgium

The wood mosaics are handcrafted in the KAROOZ workshop in Oudenaarde, Belgium. A large part of the production process is done manually under the supervision of the master herself, Emma Wardenier. This means: a keen eye for detail and constantly aspiring to a perfect finishing.By taking on the production completely, KAROOZ can easily deliver custom-made pieces and adapt to your personal wishes. As the entire production process takes place in Belgium, long-distance transport is avoided and CO2 emissions are reduced to a minimum.

Ecological materials

KAROOZ contains 2 main elements: wood and rubber. For the wood, KAROOZ only uses carefully selected types of wood. Certified wood types that guarantee sustainable forest management are always our first choice. The second main element, rubber, is sustainably made within the Responsible Care program and the environmental care system ISO 14001. Finally, only ecological materials are used for the finishing layers.

00_Hout en kleurtinten

00_Alle verwerkte houtsoorten zijn zorgvuldig geselecteerd op kwaliteit en kleur. 00_Aangezien het om een natuurproduct gaat met elk hun eigen specifieke nerftekening en natuurlijk kleurkarakter, zijn nuances en (lichte) tintafwijkingen mogelijk en te verwachten. 00_Ook gebruiks- en omgevings gerelateerde invloeden zoals UV-straling en vochtigheid kunnen de kleur beïnvloeden. 00_Deze natuurlijke nuances worden echter zelden als storend ervaren, ze dragen veeleer bij tot de unieke uitstraling van de realisatie.


360° service

From design to production to installation and maintenance: KAROOZ is there for every aspect of your new floor and wall coverings. There are various options for the design. You can leave the design up to KAROOZ, plan a design with us (co-creation) or have your own design carried out by KAROOZ. We have our own installation service that will complete each of your projects with the greatest care and precision.


Applications of KAROOZ floors & walls

KAROOZ floor or wall coverings are suitable for each room and each kind of building that is frequently used. For instance, living rooms (entirely or as an accent floor in a particular room), kitchens, bathrooms, hobby rooms, bedrooms … All this is possible in residential houses, trendy boutiques, hotels, lounge bars and much more.

KAROOZ is an excellent solution (and alternative floor and wall covering) for:

  • Humid rooms (bathroom, sauna, pool house, around the swimming pool … if specific wood types such as Iroko, Teak and Accoya are used)
  • Curved surfaces
  • Frequently used rooms (kitchens, bathrooms, hotel lobbies … )




Practical advantages of KAROOZ

Practical advantages of KAROOZ floors & walls

Wood is perfect for (bare) feet because it has a warm, soft and natural touch. because it has a warm, soft and natural touch. It also offers a better grip than stone or tiles.

The rubber joints connect the wooden pieces, but also serve as an anti-slip layer. How convenient is that?

KAROOZ wood mosaics are sound-damping and transform your bathroom or living room into a cosy room with character.

Wood types such as Iroko, Teak and Accoya combined with rubber joints make your KAROOZ floors or walls 100% water-repellent. That's why KAROOZ is the perfect material for your kitchen, bathroom, shower and for edge finishing around your swimming pool.

The seamless finishing prevents dust and dirt from getting in between the joints. Moreover, KAROOZ is astonishingly easy to maintain with water and if necessary, with a natural soap or oil.

KAROOZ wood mosaics are provided with a protective layer that is resistant to dirt and allergen. Because the seamless wood surface contains no cement or silicone joints, mould, scale and soap residue are part of the past. Even in humid rooms, KAROOZ floor and wall coverings are therefore the perfect hygienic solution.

KAROOZ wood mosaics contain only the most sustainable types of wood and qualitative materials. Combined with great attention to detail and finishing, this creates a strong, scratch resistant, seamless, wear- and UV-resistant material that is highly suitable for frequent use.

The rubber joints make KAROOZ wood mosaics extremely flexible and resilient. Perfect for just about any foundation. Even curved or uneven surfaces are very well suited for KAROOZ floor and wall coverings.