KAROOZ is a surprising new concept in floor and wall coverings
Conceived and developed by the young Belgian designer Emma Wardenier.
The idea is as simple as ingenious: connect pieces of solid wood with rubber joints and create wood mosaic in this way.

A new material that exudes luxury and comfort, contains a touch of poetry
and is also strikingly user-friendly.



KAROOZ originated out of a love for wood design and craftsmanship.
A love passed on from generation to generation.
The wood mosaics are produced in the KAROOZ workshop in Oudenaarde, Belgium.
Manual work is the basis of that production process.
This is accompanied by a great care for quality, an eye for detail and an impeccable finish.



Wood and Rubber: the perfect combination for your floor or wall

The idea of combining wood with rubber is new in the floor and wall cladding.
But the principle itself has been used for years in the shipbuilding industry.
And not only because the combination of wood and rubber is 100% water resistant.
The golden wood-rubber combination still offers many other advantages.

  • Hout kan uitzetten en inkrimpen als gevolg van de vochtigheid in een ruimte.
    The rubber add, however, captures all the distortions perfectly.
  • Het rubber maakt het materiaal flexibel.
    As a result, wood mosaic can be used as an overlay for difficult areas.
    Just think of bent or uneven surfaces.
    or surfaces such as showers that continuously come into contact with water.
  • The seamless design increases hygiene and makes your floor or wall covering easy to maintain.
  • The rubber finally provides your floor with a non slip layer.