Versatile, Durable & safe

KAROOZ is suitable for a wide variety of applications: from fixed wall and floor coverings to individual decorative elements such as carpets, placemats or coasters.

Always original and aesthetic. KAROOZ's Wood mosaics offer many practical benefits.

Thanks to their unique process, they are water-repellent, resistant to UV rays and ageing, and very maintenance-friendly.

Wood is alive, but also the rubber joints are permanently flexible. When the wood expands, the joints move slightly upward, making them act as anti-skid. Safety above all.


Belgian innovation

KAROOZ's handmade wood mosaics are the brainchild
Of the young Belgian designer Emma Wadhwa.

The idea to connect pieces of solid wood together with a special rubber joint,
is innovative in all its simplicity and was therefore patented.

The artisanal production is done in the own workshops in Oudenaarde, Belgium.


KAROOZ originated out of a love for wood design and craftsmanship. A love that is passed on from generation to generation. The wood mosaics are produced in the KAROOZ workshop in Oudenaarde, Belgium. Hand is at the basis of the production process and is combined with great care for quality, a keen eye for detail and impeccable finishing.


Our philosophy

The KAROOZ philosophy can be captured in one sentence: ‘striving for excellence.’ Handicraft and innovation go hand in hand for us. Just like quality and creativity. Nature and technology. Respecting the past and looking to the future. Practical utility and a sense of poetry. Love for the material but always aimed towards creating an increased value for our customers.


Designer Emma Wardenier

It all started in college, where Emma Wardenier, a passionate young designer was studying furniture design. For her final project, she received a challenging assignment: develop an innovative material. A new material that doesn't exist yet and that can be used for furniture, home accessories and other useful home objects.

Emma’s first reflex when she got the assignment was to go browsing in the workshop of her father, Werner Wardenier. He has been familiar with wood craftsmanship for many years. He installs high quality hardwood flooring, wooden terraces and designs bathrooms in teak. His workshop is filled with interesting materials, so it only makes sense that Emma’s search began there.

Among the things she found there, were teak boards with rubber in between. Wood and rubber, she thought... What an interesting combination. Strange that no one’s thought of using this somehow.

And so Emma went to work. She connected the small pieces of solid wood with rubber, thereby creating wood mosaics. One of the main things she tried to discover during this process was how to make the new material flexible and what kind of shapes could be formed.

KAROOZ is still a Belgian family business in heart and soul. All materials are produced in the KAROOZ workshop, which is located in Oudenaarde. The entire process is managed and directed by the family. They design, craft (mainly by hand), install and maintain the floor and wall coverings themselves.

In the meantime, Emma is definitely not sitting on her hands. She keeps on creating and testing new possibilities with the material that she invented. Her drive? Showing people that wood offers countless possibilities and that it can be used to make the most surprising and wonderful creations.