Poetic wood creations

KAROOZ floor and wall covering

Want to give your home an original touch? Or add a touch of poetry to your home? Then KAROOZ is the perfect choice for your floor and wall coverings. KAROOZ wood mosaics is a new concept in the design world which combines the enchanting elegance of mosaics with the warm, authentic character of wood.

Unique innovation, versatile and sustainable


KAROOZ wood mosaics instantly lift every room to a higher level. As floor coverings or as an accent wall, wood mosaics are the perfect alternative for tiles. The warm touch of wood and the unique characteristics of the material make KAROOZ the ideal match for every room, including the bathroom.

Poetry under your shower

Recommended: KAROOZ in your bathroom.

Wood as base material for my bathroom? Absolutely. Its unique characteristics (based on wood types such as Iroko, Teak or Accoya) make KAROOZ wood mosaics the perfect material for every bathroom. For the bathroom floor, wall coverings and even for the ceiling to complete the poetic feeling in your bathroom. 00_Als wandbekleding aan het bad. 00_En zelfs als plafond voor een compleet poëtisch badkamergevoel.

Why KAROOZ is the perfect fit for your bathroom:

Iroko, Teak and Accoya are solid types of wood that score particularly high on steadiness and sustainability.
Wood is a living material. It expands in a humid environment and shrinks when the air is dry. The special rubber joint that is placed between the wooden pieces captures these transformations perfectly. This makes KAROOZ the ideal material for every surface, even curved or uneven surfaces.
The special rubber joints prevent moisture from soaking in. KAROOZ based on Iroko, Teak and Accoya is therefore 100% guaranteed water-repellent. 00_Gegarandeerd
The rubber joints connect the wooden pieces, but also serve as an anti-slip layer. Perfect for those who are looking for a safe, solid floor covering for the shower or bathroom.
The treatment of the wooden surface ensures an even better water outlet.
The shower walls of KAROOZ don't contain cement or silicone joints. This eliminates the risk of mould, scale or soap residue, which is often a problem with joints. The wood can be kept in perfect condition by cleaning thoroughly on a weekly basis and by treating it regularly with a nutritious oil.

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Aanrader: KAROOZ in kopshout.

End grain wood is loved for its gracious textures.

By sawing the wood crossways, the annual growth rings of the tree become visible. The grain textures combined with the mosaics form beautiful, dreamy patterns.

But it offers even more advantages. It’s more solid and stronger than wood with the grain and is more resistant to pressure. End grain wood is therefore more wear-resistant, more durable and insulates better against sound.

The challenge of end grain wood is that it's harder to install and more sensitive to humidity, which causes it to expand more easily. This could be problematic for solid hardwood floors, however, not for KAROOZ wood mosaics because the rubber joints capture these transformations perfectly.